Who we are?

Our mission is to deliver measurable and sustainable financial benefits to our clients by developing and installing processes and programs to rapidly improve our clients’ operations.

Our talented and experienced team is a group of industrial executives and academics thought leader from various disciplines in business process improvement. We are not content with simply identifying opportunities to improve business performance. We actually implement the changes by working side-by-side with both management and frontline personnel until our client realizes the agreed and sustainable financial and operational benefits. Our approach combines three core disciplines:

Process Improvements

The thorough review and re-design of existing business practices and processes for all facets of a business, from sales and marketing to production/ operations, customer service, the entire supply chain, cost control, and capital expenditures to deliver measurable improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

People Solutions

Working with, training, coaching and communicating with client employees at all levels to provide solutions which align thinking and behavior in support of the re-designed or newly-created processes and facilitate sustainable change.

Management Operating Systems

The development of specific, focused, easily-understood, high-impact indicators which enable all levels of management to manage and monitor performance and to take corrective actions to improve areas of identified weakness on an ongoing basis to ensure the proper continuing improvements.