Financial Services

A boutique, financial services firm specializing in financial planning and investment management services, driven by its desire to deliver unbiased and personalized, comprehensive wealth management solutions, with wide host of financial services to suite firms and individuals requirements.


Providing expert operational consulting, design and project management services to support existing and prospective customers with:

  • Evaluating business opportunities
  • Improving existing businesses by identifying opportunities and implementing improvements
  • Total energy management
  • New and renovation factory projects

Logistic & Transportation

Transportation and Logistics is one of the most important infrastructure sectors globally, logistics companies are expanding their product basket to include new value-added services. Our advisory services are supporting logistics firms with better tools, implementations and strategies to better manage their business.


To Improved Operational and Financial Performance. We deliver custom business solutions with a straightforward objective: to help you compete successfully in a volatile business climate.

Our unique advantages:

  • Unparalleled access to vast storehouse of knowledge and data.
  • Expertise spanning all aviation disciplines and related industry sectors.
  • Local knowledge of countries around the world.
  • Unbiased analyses and focus on knowledge transfer.
  • Ability to adapt international best practices to local requirements.
  • Consulting experts with decades of hands-on expertise at airlines, airports, and related organizations.
  • Linking consulting solutions with training programs, toolkits, and best practices programs.

Our Expertise

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Civil Aviation
  • Air Traffic Management


We offer a range of bespoke services to business ranging from advice on environmental strategy and management to specialist advice around specific issues.

Oil Gas

Strategic decision making and planning in the oil and gas industry faces increasing risks and complexities at all levels, from macroeconomic and political events to local issues and challenges. In this climate, technical advice detached from economic contexts may have limited value, whilst economic analysis lacking technical insight can fail to illuminate the entire picture.

Real Estate

We provide ongoing advisory services to clients in need of consulting services related to real estate and property development. Services include developing budgets, schedules, and pro formas:

  • Acquisition assistance
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic planning
  • Project management
  • Economic analysis
  • Financial structuring


Services to both corporate and government clients. Advisory services include project financing, structured financing, crossborder leasing, capital restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, strategic options evaluation, and other corporate, strategic and financial advice.

Within infrastructure, including transportation, power & utilities and social infrastructure and other sectors would receive unparalleled deliverables.


The challenges faced by the public sector can only be overcome through improved services and new control and management tools. Public-sector institutions can be additionally strengthened by means of alternative organizational and operational concepts. Our advisory services are correspondingly comprehensive

Intellectual Capital Service

The ability to assess the demand of intellectual property and other intangible assets and accurately determine their marketability is an increasingly important factor in the total asset value of businesses today. Our valuation professionals maintain extensive experience in transaction for a multitude of industry segments including machinery and equipment, retail, consumer, wholesale, and industrial inventories.

  • Trademark and trade names
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Contracts
  • Customer lists
  • Royalty streams
  • Resource rights


As the pace of competitive change accelerates, Corporate Development is becoming a strategic necessity. Organizations need to be nimble in anticipating opportunities and competitive disruption, leveraging scarce resources and diversifying risk. Flexibility is critical as companies will need to be able to adapt their strategy in real time to avoid being left behind.

Information Technology

Our IT advisors have vast expertise, transaction and transformation architects and former IT outsourcing providers. Providing significant advantage for companies evaluating IT change initiatives. Whether improving IT internally, investigating outsourcing or re-evaluating existing IT outsourcing relationships, we have the tools, methodologies and expertise to improve your IT environment. Our approach is flexible and can easily scale up or down.


Changes continue to take place in the healthcare industry, building and maintaining a successful medical practice or other healthcare business takes more than just clinical expertise. It requires solid business knowledge as well as an understanding of the complexities and nuances of the current marketplace and industry.